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Godot 4 is brand spanking new, so there is hardly any material out there to help you get started.

My new course here on itch.io will include a wealth of information so you can live on the dangerous cutting edge of Godot 4.

I am actively publishing Godot 4 educational content on YouTube, but this pack takes it to the next level, giving you in-depth written guides and vital source code.

My professional gamedev and educational experience means I can bring you a truly next-gen package for this next-gen engine.

Current target: Godot 4.2.1 stable

Free content:

  • 7 playable demo scenes:
    • UI basics.
    • Brand new DECALS.
    • Brand new FOG.
    • Brand new PARTICLE PHYSICS.
    • The reworked NAVIGATIONSERVER.
    • The TWEEN overhaul.
    • SHADER improvements.

  • The playable card game: Cards of Mallardy!
  • The first 3 topics from Chapter 4: Making a Basic 3D Platformer.

Early access paid content:

  • Full source code for the demos and games.
  • Access to the guides as they are released.
  • Perpetual updates through the development of the course.

The first few chapters are tailored for anyone with Godot 3 experience to get up to speed with the new features and dive into Godot 4 as fast as possible. 

But fear not if you have no prior Godot experience! Chapter 4: Making a Basic 3D Platformer, is written for absolute beginners. Introducing you to Godot and walking you through the process of setting up a 3D game with no prior experience required.

This course is updated with each new stable iteration of Godot 4. If it’s a while since you downloaded this course then you should check the version number against the up-to-date version on itch.io and make sure you’re working from the very latest version.

The list of course elements will grow as things are added to Godot 4, but I’m also keen to hear your feedback if you think things can be added to or improved.  I want this to be the best and most helpful course for people who want to dive into Godot 4.

Cheers! - Ducky

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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TagsGame engine, godot-4, guide, sourcecode, Tutorial
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Buy Now
On Sale!
35% Off
$34.00 $22.10 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $22.10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

01-Introduction-v0.4.2.zip 3 MB
02-Transitioning-To-GDSCript-2-v0.3.0.zip 1 MB
03-Whats-New-In-Godot-4-v0.7.2.zip 50 MB
04-Making-A-Basic-3D-Platformer-v0.5.zip 66 MB
G4BSourceV0.7.1.zip 90 MB

Download demo

Godot-4-Beginners-Demo-v0.3.2.zip 112 MB
Godot-4-Beginners-Demo-v0.3.1.x86_64 159 MB
Making-A-Basic-3D-Platformer-Sample.zip 16 MB
Godot-4-Beginners-Demo-v0.7.0.exe 185 MB

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