The Godot 4 Beta!

Godot 4 is in Beta!

I just released a video covering Godot 4 finally having its first beta release and marking the end of the alpha updates.

Also included is an overview of the content currently in the course.

What happens now

Over the last few week's I have been hard at work making demo content for the all-new compute shaders in Godot 4, writing the next written guide on the topic of Vulkan and struggling updating the course to recent alpha versions.

Unfortunately, I encountered breaking issues in alpha 15, then just as I got the course working in alpha 16 - another alpha version and news of the beta came out. As a result, all my focus over the next week is on updating the course to work in Beta 1 so you can all try it out as soon as possible.

This will include the compute shader code but not a demo scene. The next maintenance update will add the demo scene as well as the next written guide.

I am really excited for the stability and reduced maintenance work for me the Beta should bring.

Following that maintenance update, I will be adding the compute shader demo and vulkan written guides so stay posted!

Have fun in the beta and see you in the next one!

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Just wanted to let you know that within the 0.4.1 version of your project, the UI fails to load. Not quite sure why.

Hey thanks a bunch for getting in touch, that's the latest version for beta 1 I put out last night so apologies for any issues in there: I've got a public discord server where I offer support and can try to figure out what's going on :)


This morning I deleted the project and retried it, and it works perfectly now. I think the original error it threw was something like, "UI module inaccessible".


Can you describe more whats in the course? Is it just scenes/demos, or with videos explaining step by step, or anything else? Thanks.

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Heya, thanks for getting in touch! The course contains the source code for the demo, as well as written guides on a bunch of the new features in Godot 4. The end of the video in this post covers the contents fairly comprehensively

I would love to include videos but I haven't figured out a good way to distribute them sadly, so for the moment all my video content is public on youtube


Do you have any roadmaps ? Will you add visual shader , NET6 , Multiplayer and etc ?

Heya, here is the current roadmap but its not been updated in some time unfortunately - visual shaders and multiplayer would make great topics though I'll add them for considerations c:

+1 for multiplayer :)


Awesome video, thank you so much!


Thank you for all your great work!